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Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor

Victor Marine’s FBBR (Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor) biological sewage treatment plant has been developed for the treatment of black and grey water using the extremely well proven and compact fixed bed biofilm technology.  Approved to the latest IMO standard MEPC 227(64) (excluding section 4.2) and MEPC 159(55) and certified by Bureau Veritas to EC MED Modules B+D, the unit uses a three-stage sewage treatment system which can process from a gravity or vacuum feed and is supplied with the latest touch-screen HMI display and Programmable Logic Control (PLC), enabling the unit to be easily monitored and controlled.

The FBBR biozone uses, in the first stage, a fixed honeycomb matrix which is specifically designed to maximise the bioactivity efficiency, thus allowing for a smaller footprint and reducing costs.

The scoured biomass that is produced passes into the second stage and into a settlement tank which employs tube settlers and skimmers which magnify the settlement effect and prevents disturbances due to the motion of the ship thus producing a clearer effluent and increased results than the required IMO standard.

In the last and final stage, the effluent water is treated in the chlorination unit and finally, during discharge overboard, the effluent is pumped into a dechlorination unit which removes any excess chlorine, again as per IMO requirements.

The FBBR units are available in 15, 30 and 50 man units, depending on the biological load per day or can be supplied with a vacuum system for larger capacity loading.

Optional items such as Macerator Pumps, Grease Traps, Stand-by Air Blowers and Spares are also available.

Victor Marine’s FBBR Sewage Treatment Plant unique design features include:-

  • No high-speed moving parts, which results in less maintenance and lower lifetime costs;
  • No delicate expensive membranes;
  • No cleaning cycles or backwashing;
  • Fully automated PLC-controlled system;
  • Ability to process from a gravity or vacuum feed;
  • Can be supplied as turnkey package or in modular form for ease of installation;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Fully Type Approved to IMO and Bureau Veritas standards.

The complete range of Victor Marine FBBR units are renowned for their “green” credentials, efficiency, reliability, economy, ease of installation, use and servicing making the installation and lifespan of the units trouble-free.

Victor Marine Ltd maintains a worldwide network of representatives who can provide customers with comprehensive sales advice and guidance, survey requirements, after-sales service including installation, commissioning, technical support, servicing and spares requirements.


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